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I know lots of people think it is sullying art by talking about money and making money with art. Art is far too “sacred” to desecrate the discussion with talk of money. But until we live in a post monetary economy, we need to make money with something. If you have decided it is with your art, there is a whole new way of thinking you may have to exercise. Here are a couple of links about working as an artist.

Artists tell themselves many things about the art world. Most are fantasies. This article is from a website just about any artist can learn from if they are trying to make a living with their art, Articles for Artists: Resources to Present, Promote, Market Your Art from the website Art Business.

Community theatres have a social function, and it is to be that kind of an irritant in the shell of their community…Eliminate them, however—bully them into conformity—and nobody in America will ever be really young any more and we’ll be left standing in the dead center of nowhere. ~ Tennesee Williams.

Would Shakespeare even have understood the concept of a ‘day job’? He wrote plays to make a living.

The above quotes are in this article, which asks the question, What is the definition of a professional artist today?.

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