Don’t waste the energy


It’s a wrap!

To kind of wrap up my series on bad art (as if that were even possible), let’s talk about what is really at stake. Time. In reality, wasting time complaining about bad art is not productive. I try not to ponder on it longer than I have to for a discussion.

Not really

Art, through time, has a way of being self-corrective. Bad art will fade away no matter how much it generates economic impact or intellectual attention. Conversely, the good art seems to stand the test of time. Vincent van Gogh only sold two works in his time, and one of those to his brother. Vermeer was forgotten for over two centuries before being rediscovered in the mid-19th century.

Now what?

There is enough good things and good art to ponder, to occupy our thoughts, capture our imaginations and attentions, why waste time? Examine all things, hold onto the good. That’s about all one should have time for. Nothing about ranting against or savaging the bad. Let the bad tend to itself.

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