Why blog (again)?

I return to this (writing publicly) for two reasons. One, I think I have a lot to share and still a lot to learn. This, I hope, furthers both efforts.

Second, I want to take responsibility for my thoughts and ideas. When I got my first job as a production stage manager I was asked how I wanted my name listed in the program. I said I don’t need recognition for my job. I was promptly reprimanded. Having my name in the program was about assuming responsibility for my work. I see this blog project similarly.

I’ve thought long about who I am writing to. Of course, all are welcome. However, I want to speak primarily to Christians and Christian artists. It may not always seem so. I think much of the discussion is left behind or left out because it seems like it is not related. For example, the affect of deciding to earn a living with one’s art, a topic for a future post. When one goes through dry periods without selling work or taking on a new project one can wrestle with serious self-doubts and questions.

Much of what I’ve read about faith oriented art/artists can equally apply to non-faith oriented art and artists. We seem to want to keep the Church and our issues isolated, especially the solutions to those issues. But that just exacerbates the issue of lack of relevance of the Church. Faith is about ALL aspects of our humanity and existence, not just ones related to the Church. This is a wall to be torn down, hopefully by a nice, loud trumpet blast.

Until I find a discussion form that I like, you can reach me and offer feedback, challenges, or questions sent to blogATnatureofthebeatDOTorg.


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